Sunday, March 14, 2010

Show Choir Season

And show choir season begins yet again! We took a break for a couple of weeks after Urbandale, and our most awaited competition of the season had arrived, Great River. Our group had won this competition for the last couple of years, and it was expected of us to continue this tradition, so as you already know, the pressure was on. Whether it was to live up to the tradition that the alums had built, or to finally win a competition, or to just perform and have a blast doing it, all of us were thrilled and ready to perform. It's been said a million times but something "magical" seems to happen to our group at this venue. All our hard work seems to pay off, and after an outstanding day rounds, we felt incredible, however not incredible enough for a first place. Wheaton Warrenville had taken first in the day rounds, we had seen their show during the day, and they were fantastic. However, we didn't let this get to us, we performed our hearts out in the night round, and knew that we would be happy with whatever outcome, because we had just given it our all and performed our best show yet. In the end, we ended up getting second place, but we looked like winners, and celebrated like winners. Loosing to a group like Wheaton Warrenville seemed like a good way to be defeated; they truly deserved to win, and we were just thrilled that our show had peaked.

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