Friday, September 18, 2009


If you asked me to give you my top three TV shows, I would hastily say Scrubs, So You Think You Can Dance, and last but definitely not least Gossip Girl. Most people will confess their love for Gossip Girl and its scandalous happenings. But no, not me. I will admit that I have an obsession. It’s gotten far beyond the point of just being a fan of the show. I’ve seen every single episode (more than once), and will probably quote something out of Gossip Girl once a day. People frequently asked me what it is I like so much about the show. And with the new season starting, I figured I would discuss my addiction to Gossip Girl.

Who doesn’t love a TV show where they can escape from the pressures and difficulties of every day life? Gossip Girl does exactly that. It’s a show about extremely wealthy Upper East Side students who attend Constance Billard (a private school). Obviously, most people don’t live a life like this, so it’s fascinating to be able to get an inside look at the lives of billionaires. At first glance, it seems like these characters live perfect lives. They have unlimited spending money, and get whatever their heart desires. But a wise man once said “money doesn’t buy everything.” And it’s clear on this show, because the problems they deal with, from relationships to family, have destroyed their lives. Overall, it’s a really fascinating show that allows you to escape into the world of filthy rich Manhattan teenagers. It’s always full of scandal and excitement, and you never know what these characters will be doing next.

The first episode aired on Monday, September 14th, and to say it was good would be an understatement. The characters move from high school to college this season, and a lot of viewers were afraid that the show would lose its appeal because of this. But let me tell you, it definitely has not. If anything it has gotten better. It gives us a more mature version of the characters, who are thrilled about going to college. But it still provides the scandal and gossip that we all love and look forward to from the infamous “Gossip Girl”.

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