Thursday, September 10, 2009


A wise man once said, “if you allow it to music can truly affect you, a good piece of music is not only something that appeals to your ears but also to your soul”. I was listening to a song one day in the car, and I literally had to pull of the side of the road because I was crying so hard.” Interestingly enough, my show choir director was the wise man who said this. Its comical how a simple extracurricular activity like show choir, can consume the lives of numerous people. Even funnier, we actually like that it consumes our life. Most performers would tell you that they live for the rush that they get when their on stage, and that it’s the most incredible sensation ever. I am one of these people, I am lucky enough to know and be a part of the magic of Show Choir.

As more and more people discover the world of Show Choir, it is becoming popular on television. The majority of you have probably been exposed to “Glee” while flipping through channels on a Wednesday night. When I first heard about Glee, I was thrilled that they were producing a show about something I was so passionate about. The pilot for this show aired May 19, 2009, and the premiere of the season was last night. I did not get to see the premiere, but from the reviews I have been reading, the show is extraordinary. In fact, I loved the pilot so much that I was craving another episode the whole summer. The first episode essentially introduced the characters and the different cliques that are present in high school. Most of the kids in Glee Club were considered geeks. Will Schuester, one of the teachers at the high school, participated in Glee Club when he was younger and wants to revive Glee Club again. He decides to volunteer to be director of Glee Club, but the turn out isn’t very impressive. The auditions range from a Jennifer Hudson-esque voice, to a handicapped boy in a wheelchair. Will tries to recruit more people to join Glee Club including the almighty football team. The buff football players however laugh at his face and think singing and dancing is ridiculous, with the exception of one, Finn Hudson. A shower singer, caught in the act by Will after a football practice. Will knows that there is no way Finn will willingly join, so he plants drugs in his locker, and punishes him by making Glee Club a requirement. Angry and shocked at first, Finn Hudson ends up really enjoying it. He changes from the popular, football jock, to the nice guy who stands up for less fortunate people. The pilot ends with an excellent rendition of Journey’s, “Don’t Stop Believin’”, which immediately hit number on the iTunes charts.

I am a big enthusiast about this show; however I do have some important criticism. As much as I think this is a great show and makes for good TV, it does not display show choir very accurately. Show Choir at my school includes members from a variety of cliques, and there are far more people. We have strict, and planned out rehearsals, and our school invests a lot of time in show choir. In fact, being in show choir is an honor at our school and something we take great pride in. We win championships, make lifetime friends, and work towards a goal which we are all passionate about. Overall, Glee is a wonderful show that opens people to the glitz and glamour of show choir, and I am thrilled for the upcoming season.

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  1. okay Eleanor you are an amazing writer and i love your reviews/opinions about it. i basically read your blog.look at it every single day! keep writing girl:) best ive ever seen!!