Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Vampire Diaries

The story commences in a small town with an outwardly normal girl, Elena. She is popular, pretty, and has the perfect life, when her whole world comes crashing down. Both of her parents die in a miserable car accident, leaving her life in complete chaos. She is utterly distraught about the death, and even two months later she still cannot get over it. She copes with the pain by faithfully writing in a diary, in which she pours out her true thoughts and feelings. She says that she puts on the “act” of being fine, when really, she is still dying inside. On her first day of school, she encounters the mysterious, yet stunning Stefan Salvatore. He has all the characteristics of Edward Cullen of course. The alluring voice that hypnotizes, the bright mystifying eyes, and the faultless pale skin, as white as the light of a full moon. Elena, like the rest of the school, is entranced by Stefan and forms a relationship with him. Eventually the start to date, and everything seems to be going smoothly, until Stefan’s evil brother Damon returns. Damon, a “human killing” vampire wreaks havoc in the town, as he kills multiple people. The rest of the town believes that the killings and injuries are result of animal attacks, but Stefan knows better. He tries to deal with Damon but cannot, because Damon is much stronger than him from drinking human blood. As the story progresses, a captivating plot develops, as the lives of Stefan, Elena, and Damon entangle and lead to passion, death, secrets, and Elena’s realization that Stefan is indeed a vampire.

I encourage everyone to check this show out! It’s practically impossible to live up to the Twilight Mania, but The Vampire Diaries does a rather good job. It’s on Thursday nights at seven on the CW (channel twenty)!

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