Monday, February 1, 2010


“Night” has inspired me to help prevent another tragedy like the Holocaust from happening again. The message it gave me was that we learn from our past, we learn from the mistakes we make and hopefully we correct them. “To remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin”, you said. What really upsets me about the holocaust is that no one helped sooner. All over the world people knew about what was happening in Europe and they didn’t have the strength or power to help. This calamity could have easily been avoided if a group of people had the power to stand up to the Nazis. Your book made me realize that if someone is getting made fun of, that you should not just stand there and watch it happen, but do something, because the situation could get worse.
Another lesson this book taught me is to always be happy with what you have because there are people around the world that are suffering every day. When the people in the concentration camp are willing to kill their family just for a piece of bread, I thought of how I take everyday things like food and water for granted. To me it almost seemed unreal that people would be willing to turn against the people they love just to survive. Whenever I start to feel sorry for myself I think of your book and how these people who had lost everything still had faith and hope that they would survive.
A survivor of the Holocaust came in and talked about her story, and the way she depicted it was unreal. It was unbelievable that the Nazis could be so cruel to innocent people just because they are different. The Nazis didn’t like the Jewish because they practiced a different religion. The Nazis thought that being different was an appalling thing and for this reason they wanted to eliminate them. From your book, I have learned that if we do discriminate against people, they will be hurt. If we do it to a certain group of people long enough it might create another holocaust. The Holocaust reminded me of the Civil Rights Movements in the 60’s. People discriminated against African Americans because they looked different. They put innocent people in jail and killed people because of their color. The worst thing is that history did repeat itself, because even today we still discriminate against people that don’t look like us.
“Night” was one of the greatest books I have ever read. I really enjoyed it because I could relate it to the world and even to myself. It taught me about the Holocaust and made me realize how fortunate we are that we did not have to go through something like that. It made me realize that we shouldn’t discriminate in people and that we should always believe in god, no matter how agonizing our lives may be. After reading this book my views of the world changed. The story will always remain in my mind and in my heart.

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