Monday, February 1, 2010


Twilight is the thrilling tale of Bella Swan, who moves to gloomy Forks, but finds that like there is anything but ordinary. She meets Edward, the mysterious, an unbelievably attractive outcast at her school and is immediately enticed by him. With his gorgeous butterscotch colored eyes, dazzling crooked smile, and charming personality, he is comparable to a Greek god. She discovers that she has Biology with him and they end up sitting together. But Edward asks as though he is completely disgusted with her, and completely ignores her. Bella wonders what she is doing wrong, and why Edward won’t acknowledge her. Until one day, a car almost hits Bella, and Edward standing across the parking lot, somehow he manages to save her. She is thoroughly curious, because Edward managed to get across the parking lot, in less than a second. She confronts him about this, but he lies and says he was actually with her the whole time. After this incident, Bella and Edward become friends and actually end up liking one another. But strange occurrences like the car accident occur more often and Bella eventually realizes there is something odd about Edward and her suspicions are confirmed when her friend Jacob tells her that the Cullens are vampires. Shocked at first, Bella conducts some research on this and realizes it is impossible. She confronts Edward about this, and he drops some hints that it is true, and he advises her not to talk to him, because he is dangerous. But Bella refuses. She says she is already in too deep and cannot just leave. Edward does not scare her at all, and she is infatuated with him. She could not imagine life without him and soon their relationship starts to grow and deepen. They get to know one another better and fall madly in love with each other. But problems arise when the “bad vampires” realize that Bella is close to the Cullen family. The “bad vampires” are the vampires that drink human blood, and the “good vampires” are the vampires that only drink the blood of animals. James, Laurent, and Victoria, the bad vampires, cannot resist Bella’s scent and want to kill her. The chase begins and Edward does everything he can to protect Bella, his one and only true love. This story is filled with romance, excitement, and adventure and keeps readers on their toes, dying to know what’s in store for Bella and Edward.

The Twilight series has captured the attention and love of millions. Stephenie Meyer writes with such vivid details, you feel as though you are there with Bella. You feel what she feels, see what she see’s, and hear what she says. I greatly enjoy the books for this reason. Everything is so detailed and thorough; there is not a single dull moment. Another reason I am enthralled by the series is because of Edward. He is intelligent, attractive, dazzling, kind, and portrayed as the perfect guy. I’ll admit he is one of the reasons I am in love with this series, and I am definitely not the only one. With all sorts of fan clubs to Edward Cullen, it feels as though he is a real person and not a fictional character. From his dazzling crooked smile, to irresistible personality, to his devotion for Bella, he is flawless, at first glance. But as you read the book, you discover that he does have one major flaw that puts this story apart from all other sappy love stories. He is a vampire, who may loose control at any time and harm a human. This is a huge factor in Edward and Bella’s relationship. At any moment, he could snap and hurt her. But as their love grows, Edward realizes he could never hurt Bella, even if he wanted to, because he loves her so much. One thing I did not enjoy about the book is the fact that it is told from Bella’s point of view. I felt it was limited in first person, and would have enjoyed the book better in third person. I really wanted to know what Edward was thinking when he first met Bella. I would also want to know what the “bad vampires” thought of Bella. Another thing I disliked about this book is I felt as though you cannot read it again. Once you have already read it, rereading becomes boring because you already know what will happen. However, with a book like Harry Potter, I could reread that book a hundred times and discover something new about the characters or plot every single time.
Twilight has become so popular, that a movie recently came out. Although I enjoyed the movie and sincerely liked it, I did not feel like it did a good job of portraying Edward. I think one of the reasons everyone loves Edward so much, is because they all picture him differently. Some people picture him as a blonde heartthrob, while some may picture him as a dark and mysterious brunette. It all depends on what you like the best, and that is another reason why I really fond of the book. You were free to make your own interpretations of the characters, and form different opinions on them. Stephenie Meyer provided a lot of detail about the character, but just the right amount, so that you could still create your own picture of them.
Overall, Twilight was an excellent book that I could not put down when I was reading it. Every second is filled with details, adventure, and romance, and this is one of my favorite series of books.

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