Sunday, December 6, 2009


“People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy after”, says Oliver Goldsmith. Without a role model there are no good influences for people to follow. A role model is someone who puts forth their best effort in everything and treats everyone with respect. Of course many role models already attain these qualities but my role model is someone who has these qualities and so many more amazing traits. My perfect role model would have to be my older brother.

A brother is someone to play sports with, laugh with, talk to and just be happy with. Unfortunately I don’t have a brother. What I do have is an autistic sibling who surprises me everyday. He has autism. A 6-letter word that sends chills through my body when I think of it. This dreadful disability poisoned his life and his friends and family’s life forever but in a way made it better. When I realized I would never have a normal brother I was devastated but then I realized that this disease made him special and it also made him special. He is autistic but you would never believe this at first glance. He’s just a normal kid. He deserves the same amount of love everyone else gets.

If love is what makes the world go round why do some people not get any? My brother gives enormous amounts of love to so many people. Even by flashing a simple grin, or giving a compliment he is pouring the feelings in his heart out. He is so loveable but no one looks past his autism. Love is what my brother only receives from some people but gives to everyone, which is very upsetting. Why is autism so important? If no one knew if he was autism he would be able to do everything. Making friends and being loved is my brother’s biggest dream in life that will probably never come true.

Life is all about doing something amazing. This is a moral my brother lives his life with. He never lets his disability hold him back and he’s always living life to its fullest. It feels remarkable to be able to see the warm glow on my brother’s face when he walks through the door. His happiness spreads through the air, its contagious. My brother never lets anything get him down. One thing I love about him is that he always makes the best of life.

Last, but not least my brother’s struggles teach me plenty about life. They teach me to learn from my mistakes. My brother gets things wrong so many times a day but he always learns from them and teaches him not to make them again. Another superior thing I learn is to take risks. Live life on the wild side is one of my brother’s favorite things to do! Always take chances even if they lead somewhere bad.

In conclusion my brother is an incredible person. He reaches out to everyone and always lives life to its fullest. He never lets anything bring him down and always keeps a smile on his face. He is autistic and I am extremely proud of him. He may not be the smartest or a normal brother but he is a wonderful person who survives with autism everyday. He makes the world a better place for everyone, which is why I love him.

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