Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Forgotten Friends

I’ve learned from experience that the people you care about the most will let you down eventually. How can you expect them not to? No, this is not cynicism, pessimism, or a hatred for life, but the truth. This past week, I have come to terms with the fact that three of the most wonderful friendships I formed at camp have ended bitterly. Surprisingly enough, it’s just the fact that we’ve lost touch. We seem to have nothing in common anymore. With the end of camp, and the transition back to our old lives, we move on. Our old friends replace the new ones, show choir and play practices keep you out until 9 pm, and homework seems to take over your life. Sure, there’s time for that occasional text or two, but when the conversation that once used to be easy, as natural as breathing, becomes awkward and strange, it breaks your heart. Rather than hearing about important life events from these people, you read it on their Facebook wall or hear it from some one else. Just recently, I saw one of these friends’ statuses that referred to their college acceptance. They were to find out tonight whether or not they got accepted into MIT; a life changing acceptance letter could come in the mail, and they didn’t tell me, their “so called” camp friend. However, They still mean the world to me, even though we can’t seem to have a conversation without a dreaded awkward silence. The memories we share at camp are forever etched in my heart, and even though time has brought us apart, they truly have shaped the person I am today. Whether or not they know it, they mean everything to me. So let those friendships disappear, let them not call or text, let them get accepted into an Ivy League school and not inform me. They have been my shoulder to cry on, arms to fall into, and ears to fill with irrelevant talk, and that means the world to me.

Sum 41 says it better than I ever could:)

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