Sunday, January 10, 2010

Inside My Head

Two more blog posts to go. I hate putting this off until Sunday night and feeling like I have absolutely nothing to write about. So here it goes, probably the most random blog posts ever written coming up very soon.

I like gas station music I’ve decided. I usually never go inside gas stations, because I’m OCD when it comes to bathrooms and hate going in there when we go on road trips and stuff. But on Friday my friend and I went inside to go and pay for gas and ended up getting this blueberry slushie (which was gross by the way, the worst way to spend $1 ever) and we heard this really good song. It drives me insane when you hear a song and you have no idea what it’s called or whom it’s by but you know you’ve heard it before. So usually when that happens, I ask everyone in sight what it’s called, but no one seemed to know. So then, I just wrote down one of the lines from the song which was “I won’t worry my life away.” Obviously, it was one of those laid back, relaxing kind of songs, that would come from no other than Jason Mraz (I love him by the way). And I can’t seem to stop listening to it, so here’s the song, you should definitely check it out:)

I have these weird stages of life where I obsess over something. Like in the past it’s been Green Day (I had a Green Day T-Shirt in 6th grade that I would wear every day) or Ron Weasley (AKA:Rupert Grint) or Ryan Gosling, or some other gorgeous, unattainable actor. And recently, I’ve been infatuated with James McAvoy, like every other girl probably was after seeing Atonement. I’m not sure if it’s those gorgeous blue eyes that pierce your soul, or the amazing acting that makes me cry, laugh, and get mad all at the same time, but he is the definition of the phrase “great actor”. I’ve probably seen every single movie he’s never been in and he never seizes to amaze me.

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