Thursday, January 14, 2010


I’ve decided being mature is over rated. Ok, it’s probably a good thing to a certain extent, but how are you supposed to possibly gain anything from life if you’re constantly a mature, responsible individual. Don’t get me wrong; I hate screwing up like everyone else does. It’s probably one of the worst feelings ever, and it happens every day. I let down the people I love, but most importantly I let down myself. What brings me to blog about this? Well, have you ever had one of those gut feelings that you know something you were doing was completely inappropriate yet you seem to do it anyways? Yep, happened to me today, and practically every other day of my life. But it just made me think about why we always seem to ignore that gut feeling, ignore all the signs, and still do something extremely careless. Maybe it’s the people you surround yourself with, feeling that constant urge to impress someone, or feel accepted. I hate the phrase “peer pressure” but I know that I succumb to it probably every day. No, it’s not serious things like drinking or drugs, but the little things can be just as bad; if even worse. Knowing that you have to live with one careless mistake you made for the rest of your life haunts you and eats away at your soul. Knowing that if you just acted a little differently, or stood up for yourself and said no to those “so called friends” could have changed everything fills you with regret. I think regret is one of the worst feelings. Regret for not trying something you’ve always wanted to do, regret for hurting someone you care about, regret for pushing people away. If you honestly think about it, you could have regret for every negative thing you’ve ever done in your life. However, it’s what you choose to do about this regret that makes you the person you are. Are you going to spend all your time complaining about how upset and depressed you are or are you going to actually get up and do something about it? I refuse to complain. I refuse to regret. I’ve decided being mature is over rated, and I think it’s an excellent decision:)

Who needs maturity when your best friend's a pizza?!

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